Get started with microdermabrasion, with 2 easy ways to pay…

Two flexible ways to pay

Zero commitment with our PAYG plan, or bigger profits when you purchase outright.
Either way you’ll be earning additional revenue from the word go!

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SkinBase™ PAYG

Simply Pay as You Go. Get started with microdermabrasion with zero upfront costs.

Pay £12.24 per treatment.
The markup is up to you.

Weekly billing so you can easily keep track.

Free training and accreditation.

Replacement parts and consumables included.

Minimum weekly charge of just 1 treatment per week.

Money Back guarantee if you dont make a profit in the first six months.

*Subject to Terms & Conditions available on request.

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Purchase outright

If you want to invest up-front and keep 100% of your profits, this option is for you.

Buy the machine outright:

  • Pay £3195.00 and receive £100 of free crystal

Or take one of our monthly payment options:

  • 6 months @ £532.50 pcm (Interest free)
  • 12 months @  approximately £290.00 pcm
  • 24 months @ approximately £160.00 pcm

Once you have made your first payment for the MDPro you will receive:

  • 4 year warranty
  • Training certificates
  • Training DVD
  • Free listing on the iPhone and Android apps as well as on our website

View Typical Purchase Earnings

“Guaranteed brilliant results always, the skin looks more nourished with a healthy glow to it. One client had really bad acne scarring from when she was younger, and these scars have smoothed over with the treatments she has had.”

Michelle Selvey

La Bellas Beauty Salon

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SkinBase™ is the UK's leading provider of professional beauty machines. Over 2,000 accredited salons and spas in the UK & Ireland can't be wrong! Our team of professionals are looking forward to speaking with you.

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